Dear Parents,

Since there is currently a lack of sex education in Polish schools, this does not change the fact that the topic is very up-to-date also in our school, and the cognitive curiosity of children often remains unmet. We decided to come out with a proposal to support you in often difficult conversations at home, and thus prepare for surprising questions of children who can arise at any age. We encourage you not to give evasive answers or tell your child that we will respond to everything when they grow up. We risk that the child will never come back to us again with a similar question, and the answers will be sought elsewhere. The school environment promotes the exchange of information between students; let’s make sure that children share valuable insights.

This month we focus on issues related to the topic of adolescence, change, differences, carnality, boundaries, sexuality and emotions associated with it. Below are our suggestions to support parents in talking to their children of different ages, levels of consciousness and different needs.

Some of our proposed books will soon be available in our parents’ library, and you can borrow the articles we have selected right now. 

Visit our Aware Parent Zone. 

This is a completely subjective choice, so we encourage you to do your own research. 🙂