Dear Parents,
Our students already know how to help each other. They react when someone in their class has a worse day, is sad, distressed, tired, or stressed. They help themselves in difficult situations, supporting each other with a good word, a joke, a “cuddle”, or sharing a sandwich. The EmpatiJa project is not only a cyclical psychological workshop for children in classrooms, but also the promotion of volunteering and other forms of assistance and support for people in need. Our students have proven that they can be empathetic to each other, so now they want to use this skill to help on a larger than class scale.

Together with the Martyna Wojciechowska UNAWEZA Foundation, our students will organize an action as part of the EmpatiJa Project entitled “Pocket Comforter”.

“Pocket comforter” is our school product made from matchboxes (each handmade and unique!). In the middle of a cute box there is a surprise, which can be discovered only after its purchase.

We managed to create 200 “Pocket comforters”! The cost of one box is min. 5 PLN. Funds from the sale of Comforters will be allocated to the UNAWEZA Foundation – children from Mexico. Details below:

Helping children in Mexico

Children of pepenadores, informal garbage collectors in Mexico City, live without electricity, running water, often have to help their parents in the dump – they are looking for things that are suitable for recovery, PET bottles, cardboard boxes, metal – instead of learning and playing. This is how whole families live here – they search the waste from 4 am to dusk, and often with flashlights, at night. There is no other job here.

The UNAWEZA Foundation, in cooperation with the local Utopia organization, will provide children with school trips, sports and educational activities. Because science is the only way for them to escape the sad reality of a better life. The organization has almost 150 wards under its care.

Many of them, when they come to afternoon sports activities, self-defense, mathematics or reading, have not eaten anything since the morning. They live in extreme poverty, with no prospects. A group of kids gather several times a week to forget their sad everyday life. Learning, fun and sport are the only ways to escape to another world.

Source: www.unaweza.org

Pocket comforters will be sold by our students at school on 12.12.2019 from the morning (the day of our Christmas meeting). Until then, we invite you to admire the beautiful posters prepared by children promoting our action.

As part of the additional activities, children will have the opportunity to meet with a representative of the UNAWEZA Foundation and find out what it is like to work in NGOs and professionally help people around the world.

We want our students to grow in the belief that only empathy and a little creative thinking are needed to help others.

Thank you in advance for your commitment and support.

Best regards,
Zofia Piersa-Poddębniak
Anna Perkowska
with a team