The Primary International School is a non-public primary school. Grades 0-3 are located in school on Działkowa St, while children from grades 4-8 learn in school on Jagielska St, where is also The Middle International School of Warsaw.


The objective of our institution is to create learning environment that stimulates a child’s development, teaches a child the systematic and thorough work, teaches how to overcome own limits, and guarantees high pedagogical competence. The main responsibility of our highly qualified teachers is to assist a student in exploring the world and to motivate a child to achieve success which is measured in many ways.


We have implemented an international program 10 years ago and each year we verify the results of working with the students. Our educational success consists of a thoughtful program, collaboration between the home and the school, selection of materials, and individualization of work with a particular class. We take into account educational needs of the students, therefore they acquire the skills and knowledge needed for the next stage of education efficiently and in the most appropriate way.


An admission to our school takes place when the results of an enrollment procedure, which is specified in “Regulations of Enrollment”, are positive. Our school provides the students with teaching in three languages: English, Polish, and French. For ten years we have successfully used the method of immersion which helps the children learn languages effortlessly, naturally.


We value the individuality of each child, while respecting at the same time, the needs of the class. We provide the best possible atmosphere conducive to comprehensive development. Our students are the most important to us, therefore we decided that the classes of Early Childhood Education should learn in a separate building rather than with the older children. Consequently, children in the younger classes have the entire school and its equipment adapted to their needs and age.