Humanities project “Adventure with a book – word and image”

“Whoever reads lives many times, and whoever does not want to associate with books is condemned to one life.”

Each of the books on the shelf is a different story, a different adventure. Each is a window to another world, or rather to many worlds – both real and imagined. When it seems to us that the book is a thing of the past, that its place has been taken over by movies, computers and virtual reality, there appears a writer who again captures the imagination and fills bookstores with readers fascinated by his work. A little wizard going to a school of magic, or a contemporary young man struggling with everyday problems then become heroes of the collective imagination. During classes next week, we will meet with an author of books for children and youth – Katarzyna Wasilkowska. Students will learn where writers get their ideas, how to construct a character, and come up with a plot.

We will also talk about film adaptations and try to tell literary stories with the help of pictures. Finally, we will organize a book fair. If you’ve read a book and don’t want to go back to it, you can bring it to the fair. Let it go to another reader and take them to the realm of imagination!

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