How and what to ask about in order to find out how was your child's day at school. 

20 alternative questions about a child’s day at school:

  1. What was the best thing that happened today at school? (What was the worst thing that happened today at school?)
  2. Tell me, what were you laughing at today?
  3. Where is the coolest place in the school?
  4. Tell me, what new word did you hear today?
  5. Next to whom did you sit during lunch?
  6. How did you help anyone today?
  7. Name one thing you learned today and which you did not know yesterday.
  8. When were you the happiest at school today?
  9. When were you bored at school today?
  10. Who did you want to play on the break today and you did not have a chance to?
  11. Tell me about something good that happened today.
  12. What can you do to learn as much as you can during the lesson?
  13. What is the best place to have fun during the break?
  14. Who is the craziest person in the class? What makes him/her so funny?
  15. Which element of lunch did you like the most?
  16. If you had a chance to become a teacher for one day, tomorrow, what would you do?
  17. If you could switch places with someone in the class, who would it be? Why?
  18. Tell me about three different situations in which you used a pencil at school today.
  19. If a spaceship landed in the classroom, who would like it to take away? Why?
  20. If music was played at school, what song would you choose?