Education in our school provides the students with the Canadian education system at the highest global standard confirmed by the international PISA tests.

Become familiar with the English language program implemented in The International School:

Our objective was to create a place that combines the complete didactic basics of learning a foreign language with the method of full immersion in the language (immersion method) which has been popular in the world for almost 50 years. We rely on the program implemented in the Canadian province of Ontario which is based on the following subjects:

Language Arts
Social Studies
Science & Technology
Arts & Crafts

The schedule of the foregoing subjects in subsequent classes is as follows:

tabela program

All program classes are conducted by the certified teachers from Canada and the United States who have complete pedagogical qualifications and international experience. We cooperate with the teachers who perceive ESL teaching and multicultural environment not only as a job, but as the idea for life.

We work with the textbooks used in schools in Canada which include, inter alia, the following volumes:

podreczniki program

We combine the requirements of the international Canadian program with the standards of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Our classes are enriched with grammar lessons which include the Ministry of Education curriculum requirements for modern languages in public schools. This is a complement to the content taught through an immersion method by adding materials covering mainly grammar (tenses, their variety, grammatical structures) as well as additional lexical content. Such implementation of the program helps our students in preparations for external exams after primary school graduation. Working on the basis of the European standards and in partnership with the British Council, our students take the external Cambridge Assessment examinations.

The results are presented in the chart below:

wykres program

In addition to numerous certificates at the end of each semester, our students also receive a descriptive, very detailed report card specifying educational progress which is equivalent to school certificate in Canada and the US. At the end of the school year, the students are also awarded a Canadian certificate from the Ontario province confirming successful completion of a given class. It is noteworthy that in the enrollment process to schools abroad, it is required to submit the semester reports authorized by a licensed teacher and specifying the progress of the child.

The objectives that we set ourselves for implementation of the Canadian program in The Primary International School:

  1. development of communication skills of the students and creation of their linguistic confidence
  2. development of skills useful in adulthood:
    • comprehensive preparation of the project
    • information management
    • presentation skills and participation in a debate
    • unconventional and creative approach to the set tasks
  3. adjustment of the program to the needs of students who are not native speakers
  4. program modification and implementation of requirements defined by the CEFR scale (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

Having many years of experience and operating in Warsaw for almost 15 years, we believe that the Canadian program that we offer to you is a response to searching of all parents who are intent on thorough education and global standards of international education for children.

Our graduates are young citizens of the world with wide horizons who are already studying in Poland or abroad, and due to their linguistic proficiency, they are able to find themselves in every situation regardless of place of residence. Our graduates are scholarship holders at the international schools in many places in the world.

The most important benefits your child may obtain from Canadian program classes in our school include natural communication in English – speaking English becomes as natural as speaking Polish. Even if the student makes grammatical mistakes or selects the incorrect word, they stay involved in the conversation. It is worth noting that the child learns the language through the school subject program, discussions or project activities, often much earlier before they learn grammar rules.

In our school we teach language not through tedious vocabulary and grammar learning, but through immersion in the language, that is speaking, listening and interaction. This does not mean, however, that we do not respect the importance of English grammar – on the contrary, the basics of grammar are taught simultaneously with a lexical-linguistic program.

However, the knowledge gained during implemented school subjects, even by virtue of the number of hours, is disproportionate in relation to grammatical knowledge. The child often fluently uses grammar forms by imitation, before they are able to learn and identify them. It is typical for foreign language learning which is similar to native language learning.

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