Project “The Solar System”


Exploring the Solar System

The Grade 3 students embarked on an exciting journey through the cosmos as they delved into their project on the solar system. Each celestial body, from the planets to the moon and the radiant sun, was brought to life by eager students either individually or in  groups. 

The classroom buzzed with enthusiasm as students eagerly researched and prepared their presentations. Each student or group took on the responsibility of exploring and sharing the wonders of a specific aspect of the solar system. From the rocky terrain of Mars to the gaseous giants like Jupiter and Saturn, every planet and celestial body was  explored.

The end of the project came during a grand performance for the rest of the school. With infectious energy, the Grade 3 students showcased their knowledge and creativity through two songs that celebrated the wonders of the solar system and presented their work. 

It was a blast, and the Grade 3 crew totally nailed it. They made learning about the solar system out-of-this-world fun!

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