On February 27-28, 2018, The International School hosted the finale of The English Song Contest.

The main goal of the contest was to develop students’ talents, linguistic and vocal competences, vocabulary, and to learn self-presentation and public speaking.

The event was attended by a special guest, Mr. Łukasz Mielko, who as the lead singer of the band Sound’n’Grace, was the member of the jury. 

The contest was held in two age categories: students of grades 0-3 and students of grades 4-6. In addition to the linguistic level and knowledge of the lyrics, the jury also assessed pronunciation, grammatical correctness and a general aesthetic and artistic expression. 

We thank the teachers of the Canadian program for the wonderful preparation of their students.

Grades 0-3
1.Pola Gudowicz
2.Kuba Sadowski
3.Weronika Boroń

Grades 4-6
1.Aleksandra Zielińska (piano: Konrad Marciniak)
2.Szymon Gardziński (piano: Bartek Gardziński)
3.Oliwia Gudowicz, Milena Zimoląg