Report from the delivery of Szlachetna Paczka


Dear Donor!
The Weekend of Miracles, i.e. the weekend of giving gifts to the family, is behind us.

Thanks to you, we were able to once again visit and support thousands of those most in need.

By helping families and providing wise help together, we change not only their lives, but also often our world.

We allow ourselves to stop and look at others with hope and greater empathy. Because by changing many small worlds, we change our common world!

Thank you for being here and helping to change the world for good.

We have something special for you. Below you will read about the impressions of the Family (Mrs. Małgorzata and her family) and the words of the Volunteer from the Weekend of Miracles.

Report from the meeting with the family when handing over the package
When I called Mrs. Małgorzata with the information that the donor had already arrived with the packages and we would be there soon, she was overjoyed. She warmly invited us, and we could hear Zosia laughing in the background. When we arrived, Mrs. Małgorzata and Zosia were already waiting for us. Seeing the number of packages, they became speechless and started helping us take them out.
When Zosia opened the first package, she screamed with surprise because her dream scooter was inside. Mrs. Małgorzata started reading the letter from the donors and was moved to finish it. She passed it to me, and when she heard all the other kind words in the letter, she burst into tears and started hugging us all. She unwrapped a few more packages, one of them contained gifts for her in the form of candles with her beloved lavender scent. She decided to put them on the table right away and thanked us with tears in her eyes. She also really liked the new refrigerator, which was much larger than the old one, and the frying pans, which she didn’t have before, and she loves cooking. She was also very pleased with the kitchen cabinets, they fit perfectly with the rest of the furniture in the apartment. The family was very grateful to us and gave us a gift in the form of gingerbread cookies and handmade paper snowflakes. She also asked her to express her thanks to her donors.

A word from a Volunteer
I would like to thank the director of the International School, Katarzyna Wierzbicka, and all the school employees, children and parents for providing such a wonderful package to the family. I am glad that even students devote their time to support others in difficult situations. It’s beautiful when young people become an inspiration for others and decide to help. I would like to thank everyone for showing great heart, great empathy and commitment to organizing support for Mrs. Małgorzata and her daughter. It’s amazing that in these times full of constant tension, work and general hustle and bustle, you managed to stop, take an interest in the fate of this family and decide to help them selflessly. You can be sure that thanks to you, family life will become better and the holidays will be full of joy. Thanks to your help, ladies will be able to focus on overcoming life’s difficulties and open a new chapter in their lives. Working with the director was a real pleasure, the contact was great, and with each subsequent call from Ms. Katarzyna, I felt more and more interest. Meeting the family brought me incredible joy, I live with the knowledge that now the family’s life will change for the better. It’s for moments like these that you want to help. I wish you a wonderful and loving Christmas. May happiness be in your homes, just like in the home of Mrs. Małgorzata and Zosia.

If you have any questions about handing over the package to the Family, please contact the Volunteer.

We are very curious about your feelings about participating in Szlachetna Paczka and reading this report. Would you like to share them with us? Or maybe you have a question? Write to us at:

We also encourage you to read our Poverty Report.

Thank you again.

All the best!
Szlachetna Paczka Team

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