Project “The Ancient Romans”


During the last two months, students learned about the history and culture of the Ancient Roman Empire. At the beginning of the project, every student was given a booklet containing the essential information regarding the topic. Every chapter was read together in class, after which students were asked to apply their knowledge on various assignments. We approached the history, the forms of government they had, the general structures of Roman society, the kind of art they produced and the social/cultural aspects of daily life. In order to learn more about what type of food the ancient Romans ate, we organised an excursion to a children’s cooking school where we learned about roman food preparation and made several historically accurate dishes. Moreover, students participated in a workshop hosted by an archaeologist who shared his valuable insights, using a wide array of realia. 
The final product of the Ancient Romans project was a mosaic made of black construction paper with a colourful combination of paper mache. It was enjoyable and insightful.

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