Project „Book Lovers”

As part of the “Book Lovers” project, students of grade 2 promote valuable literature and graphics for young recipients. As part of the Bookcrossing campaign, students exchange their favorite books which, in their opinion, are extremely unique, valuable and original.
Children design and write their own books using the collage method. They will learn the secrets of Hans Christian Andersen’s work and hobbies and, following in his footsteps, create their own stories and tales!
The series of classes “Scissors in the hands of a storyteller” is just an introduction to the rest of the project! We have many interesting events ahead of us, including: workshops with the author of poems, library lessons at the Library in Józefosław, reading of books by invited guests, as well as writing a joint class book in the StoryBird program!
We operate by adhering to the idea: Be creative! 😊 Keep your fingers crossed for us!
Young writers 😉 from class 2


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