Are you looking for a safe primary school for your child that will guarantee education and care at the highest level and will make it easier to start the adult life?
Choose The International School – the only school in Warsaw that combines Polish and Canadian curricula with effective learning of English through the immersion method.



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    Admission to The International School lasts all year round. We realize that the process of choosing a school can be very difficult for both children and parents. Therefore, we invite you to a trial day that will make it easier to make decisions.

    What does a trial day look like?

    During the trial day, the child spends the whole day with the class as a guest, integrates with peers and participates in all activities. This gives the child an opportunity to see how he feels in our school. During the day, the candidate participates in several individual meetings diagnosing his skills and knowledge of Polish core curriculum, mainly Polish language and mathematics, and also meets with a Canadian program teacher who verifies the level of English. During the day, the candidate is also cared for by a school psychologist.

    Do you want to see what t looks like at The International School or enroll your child on a trial day? Use the form above or call and sign up for an individual meeting at our school. Join Us!

    WHY US?

    The International School puts the student first. We offer a comprehensive eight-year international program that allows children to improve their knowledge and language skills, under the guidance of certified teachers from Canada and the USA. They also effectively learn subjects from the Polish core curriculum, as evidenced by the high results of the test after the eighth grade.
    We create conditions for children to develop in different fields. We organize activities such as: art club, programming with Photon robot or workshops in 3D printing. We implement learning by project method which brings students tangible educational benefits in the process of education, and enables them to develop personal characteristics such as creativity, self-discipline, regularity, empathy and independence.
    We have increased the number of English lessons as much as possible, so that the child has a chance to master the language at the highest level naturally and similarly to their mother tongue. We also organize educational trips to the UK that are tailored to the needs of a given class.

    Graduates of our school are young citizens of the world with broad horizons – scholars who already study in Poland or abroad, and because of their linguistic proficiency and understanding of different cultures, they can find themselves in any situation in life regardless of place.


    • Polish primary school graduation certificate according to the new Ministry of National Education curriculum,
    • Canadian certificate (including learning score report cards) respected in the U.S. and Canada,
    • Language certificates, i.e. YLE, PET, KET, PCE.

    A double diploma and language proficiency makes it possible to continue education not only in Poland, but also abroad.

    Enroll your child at The International School to provide them a bright future without barriers.


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