The completion of The International School is for a child a great start in adulthood

Our school offers a comprehensive eight-year international program, through which our students have an opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills under the supervision of licensed teachers from Canada and USA, as well as to develop a solid foundation in terms of the Polish curriculum, confirmed by high scores on the test after the 6th grade. We believe that creating proper conditions for development in different disciplines will bring educational benefits in education, as well as enable the students to develop personal qualities such as self-discipline, regularity and self-reliance.

Our school does not duplicate the schemas of other schools, which define an increased number of English lessons as an international program. We offer the program of Canadian core curriculum, and consequently, the students receive the Report Cards and Certificates before the end of the school year which confirm the educational progress of students.

We realize that the process of selecting a school can be very difficult for parents – thanks to a combination of Canadian and Polish education system this selection can become much easier.

We treat education with professionalism, therefore our program starts from grade “0” and is supervised by the entire team of Canadian Program Director, Coordinator and the Director who resides permanently in Canada. Our school staff consists of a high class specialists who are vigilant and demanding teachers.

Owing to the Canadian program our students improve their knowledge of the school subjects. The methodology, methods of knowledge acquisition, terminology and the scope of material of the school subjects are adapted to the teaching carried out abroad by using the full source materials, books, multimedia support and publications available in Canada.

  • We create an atmosphere of kindness and mutual trust
  • We cooperate with a teacher in the pursuit of the objective
  • Our students achieve fluent communication skills in English
  • We prepare for the exams organized by the University of Cambridge (KET, PET, FCE)
  • We have created an interesting program of educational workshops and field trips for all grades
  • We implement the bilingual formula through the method of full linguistic immersion
  • We use e-learning “Dell Connected Classroom”
  • We teach through the project method
  • We promote hands-on learning in the Canadian program
  • We take advantage of multimedia (smart board)
  • Children who obtained an opinion on the exceptional educational abilities receive an additional, individual support (IPE)
  • We carry out many activities which support a child’s individual development including the remedial classes
  • We have an attractive program of additional activities
  • We offer the extracurricular clubs
  • The program of additional activities is also available in English
  • We support a wide variety of interests and skills
  • We prepare students for further independent education
  • We implement various methods and forms of learning
  • We educate students to be aware of their skills, open to other cultures and ways of learning
  • Our education is based on the cooperation of the school with a student’s family and on building a system of values
  • We provide 14 hours of Canadian program (grades 1-3)
  • We provide 11-14 hours of Canadian program (grades 4-6)
  • Our Canadian teachers are licensed
  • We promote holidays and events in English
  • Each grade has its own website
  • English grammar is part of the curriculum
  • We offer additional activities in English and language competitions
  • We carry out a partnership with the British Council
  • We rely on public debate in English
  • We provide the program of Keystone, Cornerstone
  • We host an interschool open contest in English