The International School Teacher Reference Check

Evaluator’s Name

Applicant’s Name

The Information provided will help determine the previous employment and qualifications of the applicant.

How do you know the applicant?

How long did you and the candidate work together?

What position best describes the applicant?

Rate the applicant with respect to each of the following statements:

Is adaptable enough to live and work abroad

Enojoys teaching and education

Can differentiate instruction to fit different students

Uses instructional skills and classroom management which fosters learning

Can be successful in a classroom of students who are native and non-native English speakers and who have varied skill levels

Is a positive role model for others in the school community

Has effective classroom management skills

Has a good grasp of technology and how it can be used in the classroom

Has a good relationship with students

Has a good relationship with colleagues

Organizes and plans lessons effectively

Maintains a positive attitude

Has good attendance

Is punctual

Is dependable

Has strong communication skills

Positively responds to feedback

Positively responds to feedback

Did the applicant depart on good terms?

Would you hire this individual again to work at your school

To your knowledge, has the applicant ever been dismissed?

In a few sentences, please write your overall professional opinion of the applicant.