1. Prairie – A large open area of grassland – In summer, the prairie is full of flowers and tall grass.
  2. Climate – The usual weather in an area – Tropical islands have a very warm climate.
  3. Harsh – very rough or unpleasant – The desert has a harsh climate.
  4. Record – something written about past events – Historians keep a record of everything that happens.
  5. Nest – A place where birds lay eggs and keep their babies – I saw a nest in a tree.
  6. Comforts – things that help you feel good physically – A large bed is one of the many comforts in my house.
  7. Structure – a building – There are a lot of big structures in the city center.
  8. Natural – not made by mankind – The natural world is amazing and we must do all we can to protect it.
  9. Domestic – living on a farm or in a house – Pets are domestic animals.
  10. Alter – change – I will alter the sad story and give it a happy ending.

1. Fearless – without fear – The fearless man loved skydiving.
2. Hopeless – without hope – I feel hopeless when I can’t help my friends.
3. Useless – without use – The knife was useless when I tried to eat my cereal.
4. Likable – pleasant, friendly, and easy to like – Being likable is important when making new friends.
5. Capable – having the ability to do or achieve something – Our eyes are capable of seeing only certain types of light.
6. Hopeful – feeling or inspiring optimism or hope – I was hopeful that the new year would bring many positive things.
7. Frightful – very unpleasant, serious, or shocking – There’s been a frightful car accident.
8. Helpful – ready to give help – The helpful man always thought of others before himself.
9. Closeness – the quality of being close – I feel a closeness with my pets.
10. Weirdness – the quality of being weird – There is a lot of weirdness in modern art.

1. Trouble – problem, difficulty, or challenge – I had trouble putting my new shoes on.
2. Finally – after a long time or wait – I finally got a new phone after three years.
3. Member – person who is part of a group – I am a member of several clubs.
4. Miniature – very small of its kind – I own a miniature poodle.
5. Canvas – a strong piece of cloth used for sails, tents, paintings, and more – I did my last oil painting on a large canvas.
6. Exercise – an activity carried out for a specific purpose – We did grammar exercises in class today.
7. Address – Where someone lives – My address is 1543 Market Street, San Francisco, CA.
8. Achieve – successfully get a result through effort, skill, or courage – I achieved a 6 on the test after studying all week long.
9. Describe – talk about something with a lot of details – He described his house so well it felt like I’d been there before.
10. Amuse – cause someone to find something funny – He made funny faces to amuse the baby.

1. Compare – to see how things are similar – We compared the ancient Greeks with the ancient Romans.
2. Contrast – to see how things are different – After we compared the ancient Romans and Greeks, we contrasted them to see how they were different.
3. Impact – have a strong effect on – Your parents have a large impact on the rest of a kid’s life.
4. Occur – take place, happen – Christmas occurs only once a year.
5. Backyard – The lawn or garden behind one’s house – During the summertime we are always playing in the backyard.
6. Railroad – Tracks for trains to run on – The railroad ran through the center of the city.
7. Anyone – any person – Does anyone have a pen I can borrow?
8. Downstairs – down a flight of stairs or a lower floor – I went downstairs for dinner.
9. Newspaper – A daily (or weekly) paper that prints the news – I get the New York Times newspaper every day.
10. Summertime – the season or period of summer – In the summertime everyone goes on vacation.

1. Opportunity – a time that makes it possible to do something/ chance to do something – I had the opportunity of lifetime to travel around the world.
2. Research – studying something – I am researching the best way to shoot a basketball.
3. Fair – a big outdoor party with rides and entertainment – I went to the fair on the weekend and rode the ferris wheel.
4. Attraction – things to see that are interesting or provide amusement – There were many fun attractions at the fair.
5. Suggested – to say something that you think someone should do – I suggested that we all go to the fair on Saturday.
6. Persuade – talk to someone and get them to do something – I persuaded my friends to come with me to the fair on Saturday.
7. Frequency – how often something occurs – The frequency of days with rain increases in winter.
8. Amplitude – how large something can get – A sound wave with a large amplitude is very loud.
9. Wavelength – The distance between adjacent peaks on a wave –
10. Pitch – how high or low the tone of a sound is – A sound wave with a high frequency has a high pitch.

1. Villain – an evil character – The Joker is a villain in the Batman movies.
2. Neutral – not taking sides in an argument – The man tried to stay neutral when his friends were fighting.
3. Resist – withstand the effects of – The shelter can resist very high winds.
4. Origin – where something began – The origin of many modern words is from Latin.
5. Continent – any of the 7 large land areas of earth – We are in the continent of Europe.
6. Mobile – the ability to move freely – A motorcycle is very mobile.
7. Depend – be controlled by – My grades depend on how well I do in school.
8. Celebrate – acknowledge a significant or happy event with an enjoyable activity – I celebrated my birthday by inviting my friends over to eat cake and play games.
9. Request – to ask for something politely – I requested that I wouldn’t have to work on my birthday.
10. Campaign – work in an organized way to achieve a goal – Politicians campaign before they are elected for office.

  1. Frightened – afraid or scared – The frightened child ran out of the haunted house.
  2. Blaze – burn fiercely or brightly – The sun blazed down outside.
  3. Gloomy – dark or poorly lit – The gloomy room had no windows.
  4. Sudden – occurring or done quickly – The lightning caused a sudden bright flash.
  5. Appear – come into sight – At night the moon appears.
  6. Gigantic – very big – The sun is gigantic compared to earth.
  7. Awful – very bad – A rotten egg smells awful.
  8. Several – more than two, but not many – I had several tests this week.
  9. Gaze – stare; to take a long look at – He gazed at the beautiful waterfall.
  10. Crowded – full of people – The mall was crowded on Black Friday.
  1. Debate – talk about the reasons for and against an idea – We debated whether or not soda should be sold at school.
  2. Investigate – explore or examine carefully to find the facts – We investigated the crime to find out who did it.
  3. Brainstorm – think of many different ways of doing something or solving a problem – We brainstormed ideas before taking any action.
  4. Salvage – rescue or save something – We salvaged a few personal items from our home when it was destroyed in the storm.
  5. Urban – in or relating to a city – The center of Warsaw is very urban.
  6. Rural – the countryside/ far away from cities – Farms are usually in rural areas.
  7. Vacant – empty – No one has lived in the vacant house for over 20 years.
  8. Creative – using your imagination or original ideas – A creative person can make a game out of anything.
  9. Reuse – to use again – To help save the environment it is important to reuse whatever you can.
  10. Jail – A place where criminals go – If you commit a crime you will go to jail.
  1. Ache – pain in one’s body – My head started to ache this morning.
  2. Wealthy – having a lot of money – Bill Gates is very wealthy.
  3. Office – A place where people work – My mom works in an office building.
  4. Topic – a subject – The topic in class today was English grammar.
  5. Prediction – something that you say will happen – My prediction that it will snow tomorrow came true.
  6. Distrust – the feeling that you can’t trust someone – My distrust of the man started when he lied to me.
  7. Flammable – able to be set on fire – Do not bring flammable things near a fire or else they will burn.
  8. Struck – to hit – The lightning struck the tree.
  9. Prove – show that something is true – The lawyer had to prove that his client did not commit the crime.
  10. Library – a place with a lot of books – I went to go get a book out of the library.
  1. Vanish – to disappear – The magician made his assistant vanish.
  2. Stream – a small, narrow river – The fish were swimming in the stream.
  3. Fence – a barrier enclosing an area, usually made of metal or wood – There is a fence around the school.
  4. Clue – information that helps to solve a problem – The police officers needed to find some clues to solve the case.
  5. Frown – make an unhappy face – He frowned when he found out he got a 1 on the test.
  6. Bait – something intended to attract people or animals – We used worms as bait when we went fishing.
  7. Bury – put or hide underground – We buried the treasure so no one would find it.
  8. Tractor – a farm vehicle mainly used to move things – The farmer used his tractor to move the equipment.
  9. Twilight – The time right after the sun sets – Twilight is my favorite time of day.
  10. Footprint – the mark left by a foot or shoe – He left footprints in the snow.
  1. Sway – to move slowly back and forth – The tree branches swayed in the breeze.
  2. Scattered – throw in random directions – He scattered the breadcrumbs all around him for the ducks to eat.
  3. Torso – part of the human body that does not include the head, arms, or legs – The man exercised a lot and had a large torso.
  4. Clanging – making a loud, metallic sound – The church bell clanged.
  5. Iron – a strong, gray metal – My pots and pans are made of iron.
  6. Cliff – a steep rock face – There are many cliffs near the ocean so you need to be careful.
  7. Brink – The edge of something – I was on the brink of the cliffs.
  8. Peering – to look at someone or something closely – He was peering at his friend who he thought stole his money.
  9. Tugged – pull hard – I tugged on my friend’s arm to stop them from walking across the street when a car was coming.
  10. Glide – move with a smooth, quiet motion – The bat glided down from the tree.
  1. Mischief – trouble caused by someone – My little brother is always getting into mischief.
  2. Nonsense – something that has no meaning or makes no sense – Hieroglyphics look like nonsense to me because I don’t know how to read them.
  3. Duty – a task that someone has to do because of their job – One of my duties is to make sure the kids at the school are safe.
  4. Council – a group of people that make decisions – The city council decides which events will be held this year.
  5. Satisfied – pleased/happy – I was satisfied after the large meal.
  6. Annoying – Making you feel a little angry – The fly buzzing around my ear was annoying.
  7. Timid – shy or scared – The timid boy never spoke up in class.
  8. Fetch – get and bring back – My dog fetches the newspaper for me every morning.
  9. Slither – smoothly move from side to side – The snake slithered along the floor.
  10. Warn – Tell someone something bad may happen – We were warned that a hurricane was approaching so we left right away.
  1. Ordinary – normal – Today was just an ordinary day.
  2. Chain – linked metal rings – I use a chain to lock my gate.
  3. Crawling – to move on all fours (using arms and legs) – The baby is crawling because he hasn’t learned how to walk yet.
  4. Giggle – a small laugh – I giggled at my friends joke.
  5. Stomach – part of the body where food goes to – My stomach hurt after I ate some bad shrimp.
  6. Holler – yell – I hollered at the taxi so they would pick me up.
  7. Precious – very valuable or expensive or important – A wedding ring is precious.
  8. Elevator – Machine that takes you up and down in a building – We rode the elevator to the 5th floor.
  9. Insist – demand something/ don’t accept a refusal – I insisted that everyone try my cooking even though some people weren’t hungry.
  10. Medicine – treatment to prevent or cure disease – I take medicine when I get sick.
  1. Examine – To look at carefully – The dentist examines my teeth.
  2. Attention – To notice someone or something – When everyone is talking in class, nobody is paying attention to the teacher.
  3. Nibbled – to take small bites of something – The rabbit nibbled on a carrot.
  4. Commercial – advertisement in between television programs – I saw a commercial last night about McDonald’s new hamburger.
  5. Starving – to be very hungry – I was starving because I hadn’t eaten all day.
  6. Patience – The ability to tolerate delays or problems – The man lost his patience when the line hadn’t moved in two hours.
  7. Puddles – a small pool of liquid – Everyone was jumping in the puddles the day after it rained.
  8. Aisle – a passage between rows of seats – He walked down the aisle in the movie theater to get to his seat.
  9. Concentrate – to focus – When it’s really loud it’s hard to concentrate.
  10. Conclusion – the end of something – The conclusion of the movie when we found out who committed the crime was my favorite part.
  1. Experience – knowledge from doing something – He has experience as a teacher.
  2. Surround – be all around – The kids surrounded the table with the cake on it.
  3. Mumble – say something quietly so you don’t know what is being said – The man mumbled at me so I didn’t know what he said.
  4. Refuse – to say no – I refused the job.
  5. Whisper – to say something quietly – I whispered to my friend in class so the teacher wouldn’t hear.
  6. Usually – normally – I usually wear a jacket in winter.
  7. Terrible – very bad – The pudding tasted terrible.
  8. Transportation – a way to get somewhere – Transportation to the event was difficult to find.
  9. Scissors – metal tool to cut with – He cut the paper with his scissors.
  10. Design – a plan or drawing – His design for the new building looked
  1. Breeze – a light wind – The breeze feels nice today.
  2. Hurricane – a big tropical storm – I hope everyone is safe after the hurricane.
  3. Shelter – a place where people are protected – We need to find shelter when it rains.
  4. Lightning – a flash of light in the sky during a storm – Lightning flashed across the sky.
  5. Thunder – a loud sound following lightning – The thunder was very loud.
  6. Major – big or important – New York is a major city in the United States.
  7. Region – large land area – There was a storm in the southern region of the country.
  8. Approaching – moving nearer – We are approaching November.
  9. Protect – shield from danger – The shelter protects me from the storm.
  10. Coast – where land meets ocean – I want to go to the coast for vacation.