Sandra Farag

My name is Sandra Farag. I am a Canadian Citizen with an Egyptian background. I have lived abroad in many different countries. I lived in Canada and afterwards I moved to the Gulf region and lived in Bahrain and Oman. Since I have always been moving around, I consider myself International more than anything. I have six years experience in the education field at International Schools. I have worked as a full-time teacher in Spain, Egypt and Poland. I have also done some volunteer work teaching English in Krakow, Poland. I have experience working with different age groups both children and adults however, I have enjoyed working with children the most. I believe that no matter what stage of our lives we’re in, we should always seek excellence and strive for perfection. We should be determined to better ourselves on both a personal and a professional level and in every opportunity and experience that meets us, we should always be challenged. I have learned that a positive learning environment in the classroom and consciously encouraging students to be the best they can be is the most essential and key ingredient to building a sound and lasting foundation and relationship with them. Being an educator and a nurturer, therefore, have been my goals from the start. My creativity and my ability to work hard have enabled me to excel in my workplace, a notion reinforced by the positive feedback I have received from students who have
responded to my varied teaching methods, ideas and activities. I am not only motivated to work and inspire children, but also to challenge and aid them to develop their skills. I am very excited to join the team at The International School to continue to influence children and the upcoming generations.