Longtime educator, musician, vocal coach, animator. I graduated from the class of solo singing in the Music School of the 2nd degree in Kielce and graduated from MA studies in Art Education in the field of musical art.

I am an experienced music teacher – I cooperated with musical kindergarten “Nutka”, with Szkoła Marzeń and constantly with the cultural centre in Piaseczno. I am a certified vocal instructor in the studio Voice and More in Warsaw which in the process of voice training is based on a method developed by the Speech Level Singing.

I am also a member of the Association of Singers Mix and the Association IVTOM (International Teacher Of Mix). I practiced being a teacher of singing under the watchful eye of Sonia Lachowolska, Hubert Noah, Rocio Guitard, Daniel Stieff. I participated in didactic workshops of music development of children: Child and music, Movement, dance and music in work with young children, Forms of creative activity of children and teenagers based on the idea of Carl Orfffa, Musical-motor activity based on a method of active listening to music by Batii Strauss, Friendly childhood education with English language. I also specialize in glottodidactics. I am a founder of Quasi Coro Choir.

I am the owner and director of the Centre of Music Development “Be Music” in Piaseczno.