I have been fascinating with international culture of work and science for many years. I started my adventure with attending the language courses which took place not only in Poland but also abroad. As a participant of student exchange (Socrates Program / Erasmus), a graduate from International Business Program (Faculty of Management of Warsaw University), and Public Relations (Warsaw School of Economics SGH) I also had an opportunity to study and work in an international environment. However, the sense of work satisfaction came when I took up a job as an English teacher and when I graduated from The Centre for Foreign Language Teacher Training and European Education of the University of Warsaw.

The time when I have worked in The International School is a very special time for me because it enables me to combine my experience of the international corporations and of English teaching. Practical skills, that I acquired as a camp counselor during summer camps of “Dzieło Nowego Tysiąclecia” Foundation as well as during sailing camps, turned out to be of inestimable value regarding contacts with students.

My greatest passions are social dance, musical theater, and reading.