Magdalena Dąbkowska

My name is Magdalena Dąbkowska. I come from Pionki, a small town in Radom administrative district. I did my MA studies at The Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce, and post graduate studies with specialization in kindergarten and early childhood education at The Holy Cross University in Kielce.

I used to work with children and teenagers during summer camps. I also worked as an ecological education teacher in Nida Landscape Park and Świętokrzyski Natural Park, Geography teacher in the middle school, and as a teacher in a kindergarten. As a nature lover, I have always been pleased to arouse interest among students in natural environment, to pass the knowledge about nature, and to discover its mysteries. When I was working as a Geography teacher, I often went on field trips and organized field activities with my students.

I have been working in The International School since 2013. Currently, I am an assistant in grade 0. I also run the Art Club where I can witness the process of making works of art by small children’s hands. It is a real pleasure for me to cooperate with teachers in teaching children. This work is definitely a challenge, yet, it gives me lots of joy and satisfaction.

My biggest hobby is dance. I know many dance styles and I still become familiar with the new ones, however, I find dances which originated in Cuba the most interesting: salsa, son, Afro-Cuban dances. I love travelling, especially to mountainous areas as it teaches humility towards nature and I can experience nature in those areas the most. I also love animals and photography.