Katarzyna Lesicz-Stanisławska

In my case being a teacher is making my childhood dreams come true. Polish philology as well as the studies of school and corrective pedagogy were also rather obvious choices.

I followed my dreams and I have found a work which gives me a lot of satisfaction. The students give me an enormous amount of positive energy and they motivate me to work harder. I love creative discussions and a joint work on problematic issues. Each day in school is a positive challenge.

My major professional successes are my students as I manage to arouse their passion for Polish, especially Polish literature. My private successes are also my students who come back to me after graduation to share their achievements and sometimes failures. That kind of relationship is particularly important to me.

My passion is Polish and Scandinavian literature. The results of my hobby are: a doctoral thesis that I am working on, publications of scientific articles in collective volumes and in the magazines, and the fact that I was an editor of the book Polska literatura wysoka i popularna 1864-1918. I also take part in many scientific symposia.

I also find happiness in those moments that I spend with my family, journeys, and workouts.

My motto, which is perfect for problematic situations, is: Remember – everything is for a reason :)