Dorota Luberda

I have always known that I would teach children. I have never wondered what else I could do, so I have been teaching happily for 25 years. I hope that I share this happiness with my previous and current students.

Working in The International School is an adventure, challenge, and surprise. When I drive down Jagielska Street, I like thinking about the meetings with the next groups of students who are waiting for me. Each grade is different and this is what I like the most, namely the fact that there are no two identical lessons. Will I get into routine that other teachers are afraid of? I don’t think so.

I graduated from the best pedagogical schools in Poland – Secondary and Post Secondary Pedagogical Vocational School in Warsaw. I learned there how to teach. Later, the studies at Warsaw University enabled me to broaden my knowledge. I am an early childhood education teacher. Additional Post-graduate Nature Studies are the result of my hobby and passion. I have been teaching Nature in grades 4-6 for 8 years.

I felt the greatest satisfaction in my career when my students were awarded by the School Superintendent the titles of Laureates of Board of Education Nature Contest. A child’s success is the biggest award for a teacher…

I appreciate honest people, reliable, hard-working, with sense of humor. I learn a lot from my pets: my dog, cat, and turtle. I love mountains and skiing. But the best place to relax myself is my little cottage by the Liwiec river where I take care of my garden.

My life motto is Albert Einstein’s quotation “Imagination is more important than knowledge is”.