I am a teacher out of passion and choice. I completed pedagogical studies at Warsaw University with specialization of Early Childhood Education. I have started working as a teacher in 2000, during the fifth year of studies. However, I have always known what I would do in my life, even when I was in kindergarten.

I have been working in The International School since 2007 as the teacher of an integrated teaching, and I have also been responsible for the school library since 2012. In the same year I became an appointed teacher.

In my work I mix theory with practice, I develop myself each day, reach new tops, and overcome any difficulties. I am an active and energetic person, always anxious to acquire more knowledge. I appreciate punctuality and I function best in a well organized world. My creativity confirms me in the belief that there is always a way to resolve a deadlock.

The most significant for me is an individual approach towards each student, and discovering small and great talents. Small successes are impulses for further work. I try to use such methods and forms of work which stimulate a child’s creativity and provide positive motivation to undertake tasks which develop self-esteem. I am constantly inspired by a child’s imagination and natural need of learning, therefore I search for new methods and educational solutions. In my work I take advantage of pedagogical achievements of Maria Montessori, Marta Bogdanowicz, Edyta Gruszczyk -Kolczyńska.

I spend my leisure time with my family, travelling across our beautiful country. If I have some moments of loneliness I usually devote them to art and books. Moreover, I like cycling, listening to good music, or watching good movies. I am lucky… I do what I like and I like what I do.

Each time someone asks me what I do in my life, I answer that I am a teacher.

– And what do you teach?

– LIFE….. – I answer.

Each contact with children is a joy, satisfaction, great challenge, but also a mystery. And I love it – every day brings something new and unexpected.